Creating future memories: Creative Director Marc Süß. Strategische und Design-getriebene Content Lösungen für Marken und Menschen. Ich begleite Kunden im Storytelling und in der Content Creation von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung.
creativedirection, design, storytelling, content, creation
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Storytelling connects people with brands. With the right stories, you can inform, entertain and win fans for your brand.

With interdisciplinary storytelling I help companies and brands, founders and creatives to find their story and tell it successfully. I develop content strategies and storytelling concepts – for unique positioning through relevant content. I focus on digital solutions as well as developing brand-owned content formats and media products.


In addition to campaigns, I also support brands in the long-term implementation of their content strategy: for example with social media marketing, blogging, podcasts or corporate publishing. If desired, I accompany projects from concept to creation to implementation and publication – alone, in a team or with my network of creative partners.




A content strategy is the foundation for successful storytelling. This includes a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, clear goals, relevant topics, and the right media channels. Together, we define your core story and find the right way to tell it.



However you want to tell your story, I support you with creativity and experience in the implementation of high-quality content in film, image and text. For big creative projects, I work together with a network of content professionals in journalism, photography, film and technology.



Building and maintaining a strong brand becomes a challenge with an increasing number of channels and new media. I help brands define and implement strategic and operational goals to measure and optimize marketing and content.



Occasion-related storytelling in the course of a product or brand campaign supports your positioning and can also attract a lot of attention in the short term. I help you to plan and implement campaigns in such a way that they pay off in terms of your long-term goals and brand perception.


Corporate Publishing

For long-term customer loyalty and building trust, more and more companies become publishers and run blogs, podcasts or magazines for customers and employees. I support brands in developing and realizing the appropriate formats and media.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks offer the chance to get in touch with customers in real time. To find the right content and the right tone on Facebook, Instagram and co., you need a good editorial plan and a quick-witted team. From inspiration to the operational maintenance of a channel, I help you with this.

Let’s find and tell your brand story!