Marc T. Suess
Marc Suess: Creative Director. Storytelller. Brand Consultant. Geschichten haben die Kraft, die Welt zu verändern. Ich helfe Menschen und Marken dabei, ihre einzigartige Story zu finden und ihr kreatives Potenzial zu entfalten.
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Marc T. Suess

Creative Director.
Brand Consultant.


Creative Director

Brand Consultant





Visual Art Diversions

Electric Guitar Obsession 

Coffee, Of Course

Sweetspot Studio

At the end of 2019, I founded Sweetspot Studio, a design and media company in Hamburg. We specialize in developing serial media products and unique, engaging content for creative communication solutions that drive your business.

Together with my team, I help personal brands and companies find their sweet spot. We combine creative and entrepreneurial thinking, design, and smart marketing strategies to develop media products that build trust for our clients and achieve their strategic goals. As a team, we work with a collective of interdisciplinary creatives and experts. Where we use storytelling to achieve visibility, trust, and customer loyalty is where it lies: the sweet spot.

Explore our projects and find your sweetspot.

Sweetspot Podcast

In the Sweetspot Podcast I share my experiences and knowledge about storytelling, design, and media products. Together with my guests and based on case studies, I shed light on narrative structures in entertainment, advertising, or social networks.

Sweetspot is a podcast for entrepreneurs, creatives, and marketers who want to find their sweet spot and tell compelling stories.

Creative Consultant

As a Creative Director and Brand Consultant, I specialize in brand positioning and strategic storytelling. I help companies, start-ups, and personal brands find their voice, position themselves uniquely, create the appropriate content and formats, and market themselves successfully.

To do this, I draw on over ten years of experience in the marketing and media industry: after studying media design and innovation management, I worked in creative agencies and advertising before setting up my own business as a creative director. With my entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of the design and innovation company Gravitales GmbH, the content creation start-up Sigmund Talks (today, and Sweetspot Studio, I support my clients as a creative sparring partner and consultant.

Fugengold Podcast

Together with my co-host Hirad Akbary, I present the weekly culture and knowledge podcast Fugengold. In it, we take an entertaining, enlightening, and humorous look at life’s breaking points. We highlight those moments in the human experience when we face special challenges, when we fall out of character, and get a chance to look at the world from a new perspective.

In this podcast, we discuss the cracks in everyday life from the perspectives of philosophy and pop, culture and trash, literature and social media – gilding them for our audience.


Knowledge is the only commodity that multiplies when shared. Whether in a keynote speech, expert talk, or lecture, I love to share my knowledge and experience on: creativity and creative work – storytelling as a cultural practice and for business – brand development and positioning – content marketing strategies. Whether live on-site or digitally from my studio, I look forward to giving entertaining talks, participating in exciting discussions, and lived storytelling.


Be free

Think and work freely. Whether in my own team, in collaborations, or with clients, I put great importance on working in partnership and being open to new impulses and unconventional approaches. This freedom results in innovative and sustainable solutions.

Be Optimistic

Ideas and stories can change the world. It is our responsibility to create positive narratives. Fun, fairness, and a positive atmosphere are crucial for me to achieve great results. We focus on enthusiasm and lightness. 

Be Ambitious

I only work with people and brands whose values and mission I share. This includes supporting social institutions, art, and culture, as well as pro bono projects and lectures outside my clients. I bring dedication and ambition to every collaboration.



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